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Inturi Technology Solutions is proudly owned by Clare and Toby Kay, they say,

“We had both commuted into cities for our jobs for years, but the work-life balance is not necessarily manageable with that approach. Hybrid working is part of our environment since the pandemic, and MS cloud-based technologies enables this and so much more.”

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Clare Kay

CEO Solution Architect

Clare has 20+ years' experience as a Solution Architect, with Certifications in Infor CRM, Sage CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. She has managed and developed end-to-end solutions for both UK and offshore teams.

Both Clare and Toby Kay are very hands-on within the business, you are just as likely to have them pick up the phone when you call as anyone else. Clare says, “It’s always a pleasure to work with new clients and to inspire them to embrace technology so they can transform their business”.
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Toby Kay

Operations Manager

Toby brings a business-minded approach to the team as he is well versed within the industry sectors. He specialises in working with customers to ascertain their established internal processes, then finding the right integration solution.

Toby says, “I have worked with different methodologies, in businesses over the years, and there’s always a lot of fear around moving to a new CRM or ERP system. The most impressive thing for me within Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the way it integrates with legacy and external systems seamlessly, there’s also a shorter lead time than most other systems”.
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Alex Komodikis

Business Development Manager

Alex joined the team as Business Development Manager and brings a wealth of sales-based knowledge. An excellent communicator, he is skilled at building and maintaining client relationships, and has the ability to rise to any challenge.

Alex says, “I always enjoy chatting to prospective clients because all businesses have their nuances and idiosyncrasies. I like that Inturi takes your unique way of doing things and configures it, so technology is in-line with company culture. We are not about hard sell; it’s about building rapport and consolidating your thoughts on your digital transformation”.
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Dan Keen

New business manager

The newest member of the team, Dan, is Tech savvy with an analytical, problem-solving mind. Dan has an accountancy background, so understands that businesses are looking for a good ROI from their technology solution. His focus is on streamlining your infrastructure to increase profitability.

Dan says, “I am outgoing and love working with people to help solve their business challenges. I look forward to working with you to help you consolidate your ideas, on streamlining and future-proofing your business”.
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Zöe Foster

Sales & Marketing Manager

Zöe has a wealth of experience developing marketing strategies for companies from all sectors. Her background is in Brand Marketing and content creation. Look out for her technology updates on the news pages.

Zöe says, “I considered myself low-tech, as I’m from the ZX-81 era! Inturi has given me the opportunity to bring ‘new eyes’ to the Dynamics 365 platform, and I find myself raving about cloud-based technology. I have used other CRM systems over the years, the big plus for me with Dynamics 365 is the adaptability of it, you pay for only what you need”.
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Vimal Selvaraj

CRM Technical Consultant

With over 10 years of IT experience, Vimal is key to project implementations, customisations and integrations/migrations. He has full life-cycle exposure from analysis of requirements through to development and deployment of MS Dynamics 365.

Vimal says, “MS Dynamics 365 is suitable for all sectors and can be leveraged to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes”.

Toby Whitmore-Rees

Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

Toby is Inturi Technology Solutions go to guy for technology, as he’s ahead of the curve on all technology. His analytical approach to systems means that your procured solution will be meticulously aligned with your business.

Toby says, “I am proud to have been with Inturi from its inception, and I have relished working with Clare, as she has encouraged me to push myself to excel in the role. I can see cloud-based solutions becoming the normal for all companies now remote working is becoming more prevalent. The Dynamics 365 platform security features, in my eyes, make it the most comprehensive product”.
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Lauryn Neale

Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

Lauryn is Inturi Technology Solutions Functional Consultant. She will work with you to smooth the transition to your new cloud-based solution. Her talent is working with you to identify any possible ‘tweaks’ ahead of launch and supporting you through the transition.

Lauryn says, “Inturi has helped me to find my niche, I enjoy my role as I am client facing and facilitate your change to the cloud-based technology. The feature that most impresses me about Dynamics 365 is the drag-and-drop functionality, which enables clients to make apps themselves - so they are tailor made to their needs”.
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Callum Jones

Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

Callum has rapidly become our Power BI guru, having graduated in Graphic Design, he creates intuitive dashboards and understands the technology aspect too. Callum works directly with clients and will talk you through your project objectives, working meticulously to get you what you need for your business.

Callum says, “Graphic design has taught me to have a ‘business first’ approach to projects. You need your dashboards to be intuitive for your needs, and the data to be displayed in a format that makes sense to your employees. I will work with you to achieve this”.
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We have been working with Clare Kay, CEO of Inturi, for many years. We find communication is easy with Clare as she can explain things that are highly technical in a clear and concise way.
Nikki Riddle - Marketing Manager
The Licences I have presently are at manageable costs and I know I can scale up over the years by buying more. The advice I have had from Inturi has been invaluable and I will consult further with them as my business scales.

The Dynamics 365 healthcare vertical and has everything we need, meaning that it can be configured to a bespoke structure for us. In addition, all system updates from Microsoft will automatically transfer to our cloud-based CRM
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
Receiving both positive and negative feedback from our customers has always been really important in helping us to minimise client churn and in providing us with testimonials and reviews.

The new system allows branches to receive all feedback from the surveys in real-time.
Paul Stairmand - Senior Marketing Manager
Toby, Clare and the team at Inturi constantly provide helpful solutions to how Businesses can operate more seamlessly and efficiently. Cant help but to be impressed.
Clover HR - Michael Doolin
Great, knowledgeable team that managed to deliver to our tight timeframe. Would recommend.
Cowry Solutions - Nigel Ridpath
Close contact with the development team, listening to their explanations, meant that I acquired a deeper understanding of the platform and was thus able to help my employees move seamlessly from the old to the new Dynamics 365 CRM. My team took to it immediately and the feedback from them was duly fed back to Inturi, who used it to further enhance the user experience.
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.
Vietec - Danielle Connelly
Excellent friendly service, created the best solution to meet our needs, highly recommended.
Clover - C L Howitt
We have been working with the team at Inturi for over 6 months and they have significantly opened our eyes to the possibilities available to us through their knowledge on digital transformation, CRM and Microsoft technologies.

They have guided, advised and managed our own APP development ideas, and are very much our preferred technology partner.
Benjamin Drew - Director of Innovation & Skills
The Inturi team assured me that their adaptation of the Dynamics 365 environment would always be under my control. I have the assurance of knowing that another Microsoft partner would be able to step in - I would like to add, that I have no reason to think that I would part with Inturi though.
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
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