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Microsoft have announced a 50% price reduction, which will begin on October 1st 2021 – with the specific intention to help SMBs. The prices below will therefore be halved! Read more…



By buying just the licences you need, that are tailored to your specific needs, the cost is substantially reduced. They are flexible too,  so you are not tied to extended contracts. 

Note: The Not For Profit and Education sectors can take advantage of 80% discount on Licences.

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Licence Costs

Buying Licences lends itself to scaling. As you can add new aspects as you need them. Licence costs will vary depending on which level of package you choose and the number of users.

Below is a breakdown showing licence options available for someof the more popular Microsoft solutions:


  • Per App Plan
    £7.50 Per user/month
  • Per User Plan
    £30.20 Per user/month
  • Sales Professional
    £49 Per user/month
  • Sales Enterprise
    £71.60 Per user/month
  • Sales Insights
    £37.70 Per user/month
  • Sales Premium
    £101.80 Per user/month
  • Microsoft Relationship Sales
    £108.34 Per user/month

Customer Service

  • Per App Plan
    £7.50 Per user/month
  • Per User Plan
    £30.20 Per user/month
  • Customer Service Professional
    £37.70 Per user/month
  • Customer Service Enterprise
    £71.60 Per user/month
  • Customer Service Insights
    £56.60 Per tenant/month

Power Apps

  • Per App Plan
    £7.50 Per user/month
  • Per User Plan
    £30.20 Per user/month
Implementation Costs

Implementation costs will vary depending on the capabilities you want to adopt. Your FREE consultation will help us to best advise you of all options open for your business solution.

There are four stages to implementation, listed below. SME’s and Global companies will all benefit from the same meticulous attention to detail so we ascertain exactly the Licenses you need.

Stage Purpose
Scoping ScopingOrchestrate discovery workshops to understand your requirement
Strategy StrategyBuild a clear vision of your transformational goals that you’re happy with
Review ReviewProvide an assessment report identifying areas of improvement
Implementation ImplementationAs partner technology providers we are able to implement the final solution for you

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We have been working with Clare Kay, CEO of Inturi, for many years. We find communication is easy with Clare as she can explain things that are highly technical in a clear and concise way.
Nikki Riddle - Marketing Manager
The Licences I have presently are at manageable costs and I know I can scale up over the years by buying more. The advice I have had from Inturi has been invaluable and I will consult further with them as my business scales.

The Dynamics 365 healthcare vertical and has everything we need, meaning that it can be configured to a bespoke structure for us. In addition, all system updates from Microsoft will automatically transfer to our cloud-based CRM
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
Receiving both positive and negative feedback from our customers has always been really important in helping us to minimise client churn and in providing us with testimonials and reviews.

The new system allows branches to receive all feedback from the surveys in real-time.
Paul Stairmand - Senior Marketing Manager
Toby, Clare and the team at Inturi constantly provide helpful solutions to how Businesses can operate more seamlessly and efficiently. Cant help but to be impressed.
Clover HR - Michael Doolin
Great, knowledgeable team that managed to deliver to our tight timeframe. Would recommend.
Cowry Solutions - Nigel Ridpath
Close contact with the development team, listening to their explanations, meant that I acquired a deeper understanding of the platform and was thus able to help my employees move seamlessly from the old to the new Dynamics 365 CRM. My team took to it immediately and the feedback from them was duly fed back to Inturi, who used it to further enhance the user experience.
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.
Vietec - Danielle Connelly
Excellent friendly service, created the best solution to meet our needs, highly recommended.
Clover - C L Howitt
We have been working with the team at Inturi for over 6 months and they have significantly opened our eyes to the possibilities available to us through their knowledge on digital transformation, CRM and Microsoft technologies.

They have guided, advised and managed our own APP development ideas, and are very much our preferred technology partner.
Benjamin Drew - Director of Innovation & Skills
The Inturi team assured me that their adaptation of the Dynamics 365 environment would always be under my control. I have the assurance of knowing that another Microsoft partner would be able to step in - I would like to add, that I have no reason to think that I would part with Inturi though.
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
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